Bond Street by Sturges Dunham

A social history of the residents of Bond Street, New York City in the early 19th Century. Once home only to Samuel Hallett, a carpenter who was the first to build a house on the street, the address became one of the most fashionable in the city, counting among its residents Winfield Scott, John Dix, Samuel Ward and many of the most powerful names in finance and politics.

The decline of the street at mid-century was marked by the gruesome unsolved murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell, a disagreeable dentist who was found after his death to have been secretly married to his housekeeper.

This short, colorful slice of New York social history is an entertaining account of one of New York’s most desired addresses in its prime.

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Old Streets of New York by John J. Post

John J. Post’s 1882 list of former names of Manhattan streets, roads, lanes, piers and wharves. In three parts, with the first part an alphabetical listing of former street names and their current name (in 1882), the second part a listing by current street names with their former names, and the third part a compendium of significant alterations (such as the widening, extending or closing of streets). A valuable guide to the history of Manhattan street names.

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The Origin of New York City Street Names by Albert Ullman

A partialĀ  account of the origins of 112 Manhattan street names, excerpted from “A Landmark History of New York” by Albert Ulmann published in 1901.

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