Verdant Lane

Verdant Lane originally ran from the village of Bloomingdale northwesterly to the Hudson River. It met the Bloomingdale Road – now Broadway – between West 45th and West 46th Streets, and ran to a point just west of the intersection of West 49th Street and Tenth Avenue. From there it turned westerly for about half a block before heading northwest again, then turning westerly again to end in what is now the block between West 49th and 50th Streets west of 11th Avenue near the former river’s edge.

The old lines of the country lanes that once crossed the island are sometimes preserved in modern property lines, often resulting oddly-shaped lots that were created when the squared-off grid system was imposed on properties originally bounded by these old lanes. These odd lots are not usually discernible from the street, but aerial photography and tax maps can reveal the ghosts of old country lanes.

In the case of Verdant Lane, one can see the last remnant of it from street level. The angled rear wall of 306 West 47th Street is visible from a parking lot situated to the south on West 46th. This rear wall, tucked between two “squared-off” buildings, is built along what was once the center line of Verdant Lane.

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