Depeyster’s Lane

Depeyster’s Lane about 1810. The squares show the location of Depeyster households served by the lane.

The Depeyster family owned a large amount of property on the western side of Manhattan near what is now Columbia University and Morningside Heights. A country lane followed the contours of the land and ran from about the present location of Riverside Drive and W 111th eastward to a line that intersects with present W 113th Street. It followed a line just south of what is now W 113th Street before looping south then turning north again along rock outcropping now within Morningside Park.

When the established grid system was superimposed over the former countryside of upper Manhattan, most of these country lanes were obliterated. There is a small remnant of Depeyster’s Lane, however, in the form of some oddly-shaped buildings near W 112th and Broadway. The old property lines that fronted along this portion of the lane have survived athwart the regular grid of streets. The walls of the building at 2869 Broadway, currently a restaurant, run along the former bounds of Depeyster’s Lane.

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